Olive & June Herbal Teas

Nailing the perfect tea blends



Olive & June is a brand that has elevated the nail salon experience with a fun, lively vibe and an emphasis on wellness.  Olive & June started their bespoke blend project with the belief that beauty begins on

the inside. They wanted to create a tea that would promote the growth of healthy nails, skin, and hair. Our allegiance to wellness and knowledge of botanical blends made us the perfect match for crafting functional teas. We developed the brand’s Minty Lavender and Rosy Matcha teas.

Olive & June's Experience

“The best part of working with Earth Tu Face is the knowledge and expertise that Sarah and her team bring to each project. Their incredible understanding of plants, flowers, and ingredients makes the formulation process so smooth.

They really listen and turn your vision into a reality creating the most unique and thoughtful blend or ingredient list. This ensures an amazing final product. 

Their experience with manufacturing is extensive and they can help guide clients through what can and often is a tedious chapter of product development. I often sought their counsel and no question was too small or unanswerable. 

The care and concern Sarah has for each project she takes on brings a special level of detail to whatever she does, ensuring you are in the best hands from start to finish.”


We created the teas with ingredients known for nourishing nails, but we also wanted the blends to have a therapeutic aroma that would instantly relax and add to a pampered experience. The florals helped us achieve the goal.  We used shapes to capture the playful nature of the brand by making the outer packaging cylindrical in colors that are on brand and by using pyramid tea bags. The result is a delectable duo that’s fun and functional.